Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is the first thing you start thinking about when considering traffic from search engines. You don't? Well, you should. Keyword research must precede any serious search engine optimization work.

Los Angeles Web Studio offers an excellent service that will "spy" on your competitors pages to find out what keywords or phrases they use to gain top positions. We will also use our keyword database of real searches to get valuable keyword suggestions. You will be provided with reports that will show you how competitive each search term is and how often it is used by searchers.

Keyword Analysis Key Features:

  • Competitor's top keywords and phrases.
  • Related keywords that you may want to consider.
  • Daily word searches for each keyword.
  • Top competitors for each keyword.
  • Provides a window into the real-time search results of each search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN) for the given term.
  • Competitor's Google page rank and search volume.
  • Competitors Alexa traffic rank and overall number of pages that have included the specific keyword phrase.
  • Number of backlinks for each competitor.
  • Also provide the prices that the leaders pay to stay in the top of the paid search results (PPC).
  • Much more!
Let Us Give You The Insight to STOMP OUT Your Competition!

We believe Los Angeles Web Studio offers the highest quality keyword analysis service for the lowest price available. Our competitors typically charge three to four times what we are charging for the same exact service. We will enable you to make the right decision when choosing specific keywords for your website and optimization efforts.