Article Submission

Submitting articles used to be a great SEO technique to boost backlinks to your site, and therefore your page ranking and search engine positioning. But recently Google announced that it is no longer a recommended way of creating backlinks. 

The fact remains that people are always hungry for website content, and by writing targeted articles about your topic, your article will get posted on related sites. This has the benefit to you of providing backlinks to your site, usually in your author's bio. There is also a secondary benefit of presenting yourself and your site as authority figures.  But instead of submitting articles to Article Directories, we will incorporate your articles in our Social Media and Content Marketing.

All of our Original Articles have:
  • Minumum of 500* characters.
  • Maximum of 2000* characters
  • Article Summary: 3-4 sentences long.
  • The articles are original and not copyrighted.
* The "sweet spot" we have found is 1000-1500 characters