FAQ's - Company

Q. What are the services Los Angeles Web Studio's providing?

A. Los Angeles Web studio works with the organizations worldwide to provide them with Web Development, Online Marketing solutions, Design and Print services. Broadly, we provide the following services :

  • Web Development
  • Web Designing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click - Google
  • Media Production
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Redesign and Maintenance
Q. What is the general location of Los Angeles Web Studio?

A. Los Angeles Web Studio Center is located at Los Angeles, California, USA.

Q. What are the working hours of Los Angeles Web Studio?

A. Los Angeles Web Studio works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Q. How can I communicate with Los Angeles Web Studio?

A. Call us at (310) 341-4898 or Email us.

Q. What type of a team does Los Angeles Web Studio have?

A. At Los Angeles Web Studio, we hire the best in the industry.  We have a team of bright, knowledgeable and talented professionals with many years of experience. Most of our developers/programmers are engineering graduates with masters in computer application. Our team includes highly skilled Web Graphic Designers, Expert web designers, Content Writers, Network Engineers, SEO and PPC Experts, Online marketers and Business Development Managers.

Q. Are you flexible in adopting our standards or methodologies for development of our projects?

A. Los Angeles Web Studio is flexible enough to accept your methodologies and standards that suit your project. We can work the way you want us to work and ensure that your project requirements are met.

FAQs - Link Building Services

Q. How many of the links will be relevant?

A. All the links will be relevant. All the links will be from sites which are related by theme. Let's say, you are a web design company, we will get you links from sites which are into internet marketing, web development, hosting or design software/tools sites. It will never be from non-related sites, as restaurants or sports.

Q. Will the links be permanent?

A. No link is forever. Sites or individual pages may go down for various reasons. However, a good link can add value for years. We get links from high quality sites and offer free replacement of any links lost within 3 months from the date of link addition.

Q. Does these one way links are from FFA or directories?

A. These links are from theme based sites only and none are from directories, cookie cutter sites, FFA sites/links or social bookmarking/media sites. All links are 100% organic and from real sites ONLY.

Q. Which software do you use to build links?

A. We don't use any software to build links. All the links are created manually by our link building experts.


Q. What is SEO?

A. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that involves creating keywords that match metadata tags to help a website achieve top rankings with the top search engines of the world.

Q. What are crawlers? And how do they work?

A. Crawlers are automated bots that behave like spiders on a web page. They are generated by every search engine to scan a page diagonally to find and extract the key word searched with relevance to the website. They work on the basis of mathematical algorithms to produce a page within the Top 10 Search Engine Rankings.

Q. Why is SEO important?

A. Simply put, top ranking optimized websites are bound to receive more unique visitors than an un-optimized page. This will help in gaining traffic and boosting sales figures of your website.

Q. How will Los Angeles Web Studio help?

A. Our team of dedicated SEO enthusiasts will create the correct keywords for your portal to help your business achieve top results. Ask for a Quotation


Q. How much do I pay if someone clicks on my advertisement?

Every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you will pay the fee associated (your bid price) with the specific term searched for and clicked on. Typically you will establish a maximum Cost Per Click Bid (the most you will pay for an individual click) and a Total Daily budget amount. The bids can vary substantially ranging from a minimum bid of $0.10/click to super-competitive keywords reaching up to $10.00/click. Los Angeles Web Studio will work with you to determine an appropriate, realistic and viable budget for your placement campaign. You will never pay more than your maximum daily budget.

Q. Where will my listings appear?

A. The two major sponsored search programs are Google's Adwords and Bing's Search Marketing. A third consideration is Yahoo's search but their overall search volume is significantly less. In fact Los Angeles Web Studio has decided that the only PPC company we prefer our clients to advertise in is Google Adwords . Listing with Google Adwords will cause your advertisement to appear on Google and its network.

Q. What is Google AdWords?

A. Google AdWords is a division of Google, and the undisputable leader in sponsored search placement. Google Adwords allows advertisers to create their own ads, determine their own keywords and publish them on Google as well as its partner sites and content network. This allows advertisers to have their advertisement to be visible, within minutes, on sites such as: AOL, Lycos, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, Earthlink, Shopping.com, CompuServe, AT&T Worldnet, Business.com, The New York Times, Food Network.com, HGTV and more.

Q. What if I already use Google AdWords?

A. If you have already created an account with Google Adwords, that's OK. We will review the current results and keyword usage before starting your service. There is always valuable information in your self managed account that we can use to improve your results.

Q. Why would I pay for search engine results?

A. Because optimization becomes ever-increasingly difficult to accomplish and difficult to guarantee, paying for search engine placement will ensure that when consumers search for your product/service in your service area, you are visible. You may use Pay per Click Advertising during an optimization program on a decreasing spend approach or you may use PPC to augment your optimization efforts. This marketing is much more effective because you are only paying when your marketing is working for you - i.e. you're only paying when your ads are being clicked on presumably by a potential customer.