Los Angeles Web studio has a highly skilled team, consisting of Google Certified PPC experts’, which strives to optimize the PPC campaigns with an aim of not only increasing click through rate but also strategically increasing conversion rate. At Los Angeles Web studio , we believe that monitoring and evaluating the performance of a campaign is more important than simply running a PPC management campaign. To ensure this, we have a dedicated team of business analysts, who are responsible for not only generating but also interpreting reports for the clients.

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC Marketing) is often known as the paid version of standard SEO campaigns through which advertisers can attract instant traffic and a top position in leading search engine results. It is the most hassle-free way of advertising and most noticeable way of reaching the users.

Google Pay Per Click AdwordsApart from being an instant way of reaching out to your target audience, our PPC campaign management gives the freedom to strategically target he demographic and geographic characteristics of the target audiences and accordingly set a time and budget for the campaign. Through paid Ads, search engines have made it easier for marketers to implement the most talked about Marketing strategies like segmenting, targeting and positioning for their businesses.

PPC is the right choice if you want:
  • Advertising plan that fits your budget.
  • Quick and targeted traffic.
  • Pay only when you get a visitor
  • An easy and effective way to advertise on other websites.
  • The most effective way of promoting your business online.
As one of the leading agency for Adwords Management and PPC services, it isn't just our responsibility to drive traffic to our client's sites, instead we have to drive the right traffic at the right moment. We will help your customers find exactly what they are looking for, and take them through that experience, from a search trigger, to completed action. When customers find our clients our clients see results.

Local Leads and Advertisement

Los Angeles Web Studio Local Advertising specializes in connecting local customers to businesses and works best for companies that:
  • Provide a product or service that requires you to visit your customers OR for them to visit
    you (e.g. dentist, hair salon, air conditioning repair, carpet cleaning);
  • Have NO web site or Web development team.
  • Serve specific geographic areas with a population of 100,000 or more. (If your service area is less than 100,000 in population, will expand your geographic area to the next largest metro area.)
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All of our PPC Packages include the following:

Keyword Generation - Extensive Keyword Research of relevant and customer focused keywords

Strategy Formulation – Building unique strategies that improves Sales and Develop Budget

Ad Group Management - Creating convincing Ad groups and Ad Campaigns

Bid Management – Our PPC Experts exhibit in-depth result and research analysis for managing bids in order to adjust with your budget and increase ROI.

Landing Page creation - Creating effective and focused landing page for converting more and more visitors into customers.

Traffic Tracking – Monitoring traffic results from Google Analytics and then managing ad groups to generate more traffic.

Dedicated Account Rep
Google Adwords Account Setup
website analysis
Analytics Setup
Text Ads Design
Improving the conversions / sales
Detailed Performance Reports

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