Google Plus Ones (+1)

Increase Google Plus Ones

Plus Ones can help your site out by showing Google that the content featured on it or the page being Plussed is of value to real people and not spammy. Similar to the facebook LIKE, the Twitter FOLLOW or Digg’s DIGG it adds a human aspect to the ranking algorithm used by search engines and social bookmarking sites.

Some facts about the Google +1′s that we deliver

1. All +1′s come from people with a Google account that has been verified by phone
2. All +1′s come from real people. No bots are being used!
3. All +1′s are being given by manually going to your website and clicking the +1 button
4. All +1′s are being given from different IP’s
5. All +1′s are given over a couple of weeks so they are natural

To order this package use our Contact form so that we can have the information needed straight away. This will enable us to start your campaign as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can find more information about the +1 button, and how to add the +1 button here: