Pay-Per-Click Landing Pages

Upon arriving at your site, you want the visitor to do something (e.g., register for your newsletter or buy your product). Your site is not successful until that desired action is taken. When a visitor takes that desired action, you’ve had a conversion. If you have millions of visitors coming to your site daily and no one converts, not only do you have an unsuccessful marketing campaign, but also a big hosting bill. Attracting traffic is easy. The tricky part is converting it. And that’s the purpose of your landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page visitors arrive at after clicking on your promotional creative. These landing pages are the deal-closers of your online ads or pay-per-click campaign. Each pay-per-click ad campaign requires a specific landing page, tailored and tested to convert a strictly-defined group of visitors. The landing page is your first and best chance to turn a visitor from a PPC campaign into a customer.

Using Google's Website Optimizer tool, Los Angeles Web Studio can experiment with different versions of your landing page as easily as different ad creatives in your pay-per-click campaign. We consistently test to find the version that converts the most visitors. Landing pages not only convert customers, they also indicate how well your marketing campaign is performing. By tracking how many conversions take place from the unique landing pages, you know if your Internet marketing campaign is a success or needs some adjusting.

To ensure your pay-per-click landing pages are accurate measures of your campaign, they should not be accessible through any other means (including search engine listings) than the original source, whether that be an email, online banner ad, etc.